Top 5 Best Puppy Shampoo Products for 2018!

For any new dog owner, it is essential that you care for your puppy in the right way. Firstly, learning when you can bathe your puppy is extremely important as it is not always safe to wash your dog if they are too young. Click HERE to learn more!

10 Responsible Pet Tips for Apartment Living!

Apartment living means you’re living in close quarters with neighbors, and whining, yowling, off-leash pets can quickly result in complaints or apartment warnings. Pet-friendly communities expect pet owners to be responsible for their furry friends. Make a good name yourself and apartment pet owners everywhere with these tips: Click HERE to read more! 

Which Cat Breed is Best for My Apartment?

Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers. When compared to dogs, they’re typically less maintenance, are more self-sufficient, and require less training. However, all cat breeds are not created equal. There is of course a pet’s individual personality, but there are also overarching trends by the cat’s breed. The goal is to choose a cat breed…

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It’s Carnival Time!

Carnival season is underway in Shreveport-Bossier, where dozens of parades, parties and events are planned to take place between now and Fat Tuesday, Feb. 13. Major parade dates include: The Krewe of Centaur XXVII, Saturday, Feb. 3; The Krewe of Gemini XXIX, Saturday, Feb. 10; and The Krewe of Highland XXIII, Sunday, Feb. 11.  Click HERE for more information.